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Located at:
The Northwest Psychic Institute
4000 SE International Way, Ste F201
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Weight Reduction Support Group

A New Year - a New You!
Work on the New You in a supportive environment!

     If you are truly ready to shed your excess weight, and willing to do the work, then this class is for you. One of the most important things people need to shed weight is a buddy to do it with - for both support and accountability. A combination of helpful info (spiritual, philosophical, and technical), supportive environment, group hypnosis, tools for success, and more await you in this series.

     For those of you wanting to do hypnosis, but cannot afford a package of sessions, this is definitely the route to go. Oh, did I mention that you'll also be getting mp3 copies of the hypnosis work we're doing so you can keep working on it at home, and also copies of each class lecture? We generally email the students links for downloading the recordings, but can also provide a data disk with the mp3's on it so you can download them at home (full audio disks can be provided for an additional fee).

     Already been, but need a tune-up, or working on your next round of goals? Great! This class is always evolving, so we'll have some new tools for you, as well as great repetition and reinstalling of what you need. This round we're adding even more of the spiritual, self-help approach, and new hypnosis/focus approaches, in addition to the wonderful tools that have worked in the past.

     I know, who am I to teach such a class? Well, aside from an amazing array of expertise, I walk the talk of the class. I've shed over 60 lbs. and am keeping it off. I know what works, and have helped others to do it as well. Remember, there is no "magic pill" to losing weight, you will actually be required to do work, but I can tell you that if you do, you'll lose the weight.

     Tired of not being in control of your eating? Tired of yo-yo dieting? Tired of being unhealthy/overweight? Ready to stop hiding and heal? Join us to begin (or continue on your journey to) a lifestyle change that supports your well-being, is healing, empowering, and free-ing.
Map Northwest Psychic Institute - Renee Madsen Office

8 Thursdays: 02/01/18 through 03/22/18
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Renee's Milwaukie office
Cost: $400/person or $320/person if pre-registered & paid in full by 01/26/18.* REPEAT STUDENTS JUST $250!

NO REFUNDS. Because seating is limited and this is an accountability based program, no refunds are permitted.

To pre-register and/or pre-pay, please contact Renee at
(503) 750-0403 or E-mail

*Must pre-register to attend, no walk-ins please.

Note: We may be able to video people for the class, so you can attend via computer (meaning see, listen and participate from your own computer). So let me know if that's something you'd be interested in, so we can coordinate that ahead of time. Otherwise, if you miss a class, you'll also be able to catch up via the class audio recording.
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