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The Channeling Series: Audio Set

The Beginning and Intermediate Channeling Series Courses on CD!
2 separate courses, combined ~ approximately 12 hrs of class time

Channeling: the ability to receive energy, messages, healing, insight and inspiration from a higher source.

This class will assist you in learning to channel messages from your higher self, God/Source, the spirit world, your angels, your guides, universal healing and more! The series is the beginning & intermediate level classes to begin your training as a channel. Whether you want to use this ability and these tools for your personal life or for your professional practice, this training is a must if you want to work more with spirit and guidance. Topics will include grounding, connecting, protection, proper space/states of receiving, use of intention, clarity of connected sources, and the steps and exercises to make it work. Exercises for strengthening ones ability to connect and for connection and communication are also included within the classes.

BONUS: Purchase this set and also receive a FREE copy of "Creating a Clearer Connection" (2 hr lecture), "Finding Answers - Reading for Yourself" (2 hr lecture), and "Communicating with your Guides and Angels" (2 hr lecture).

Note: All Lectures are delivered via download link. Immediately after payment, you will be emailed a link to download the audio files offered with this product.

Price: $50
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A Special Series Available as audio mp3 download - Click for more details.
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