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"Manifesting a Mate" Series: Audio Set

The live recorded three session series taught by Renee includes:
Lecture, discussion, & practical tips, combined with exercises, and even a way to “see” your future partner. This is a fun and insightful series of learning how to manifest a mate, and to change the way you relate with others, in order to have the relationship you want and truly deserve.

Class 1: soulful relationships: Learning how to choose the people you relate with, what to look for in a relationship, common misconceptions and mistakes people make, where relationships go wrong, establishing appropriate boundaries, manifesting a mate, and how to keep them.
Class 2: manifesting a mate (part one): Discussion and exercises for removing blocks (conscious and unconscious), changing & creating clear goals, manifesting guidelines, how to stay safe, preparation for having the true soulful relationship & more!
Class 3: manifesting a mate (part two): Continuation of manifesting work, connecting to the essence of your partner, an actual hypnosis exercise where you will look into the future and see/connect with your future partner.

Free Bonus Lectures! (only available with this series):
Bonus audio that has a meditation for cutting the cords on an old relationship, and a brand new manifesting your mate guided visualization exercise!

Note: All Lectures are delivered via download link. Immediately after payment, you will be emailed a link to download the audio files offered with this product.

Price: $30*
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A Special Series Available as audio mp3 download - Click for more details.
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