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Intuitive Readings by Renee
A Note on my Beliefs:
Not all of your future is set in stone, and it shifts depending on your own choices and free will. This means that all of your life is not sitting in a book somewhere (this would make things easier, but would be boring – plus, you wouldn’t learn anything on your journey here). As a psychic, I look at your future based on where you are headed right now, and assist you in decisions you need to be making to ensure the future you want to have. With this knowledge, you have the ability to create your own future. This also means that things can change (i.e.: when you decide to do something, a new path is to be created). I teach clients to think for themselves, and empower them to make their own decisions, and to create the lives they want to live.
Intuitive Readings / Life Readings:
A combination of psychic work, intuition, and philosophy come together to provide you with insight into your life. Where you’ve been, where you are, and/or where you are headed. Guidance provided to help you make decisions for your life and path, as well as information regarding what’s coming up, windows of opportunity to take advantage of, things you need to pay attention to or do, and more!

Sessions will help you learn about what’s in your future and provide the clarity you need to make better choices. With this knowledge you have the power you need to help it happen or to change it.

Spirit Guide or Angel Reading:
Have a session with your spirit guides and angels. Get to know who your team is, how they are helping you, and what they want you to know!

Past Life Readings: I can take a look at who you’ve been before and see how that applies to your current life. Healing and clarity of issues takes place. Or, just do it for fun! Want to journey on your own? Check out the hypnotherapy page for information on past life regression.

Life Path Readings / Mentoring:
Take a look at what life lessons you are working on, what you are here for, clarity of purpose and direction, or just come in for a tune-up!

Personal Session Rates (in person or by phone)
10 min session ~ $55
(for returning clients with quick needs)
25 min session ~ $110
55 min session ~ $220
Note: If you cannot make your scheduled session, you must cancel within 24-hours of your appointment time. See our cancellation policy here.
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