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Healing Sessions
Healing Sessions by Renee
Renee offers several different types of healing sessions.
Angelic A unique blend of healing light and energy from the angelic realm. Details
Reiki A Universal, Source Guided Energy to promote deep relaxation and release blockages within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Details
Chakra Clear or remove negativity or blocks within the aura and the chakras. Details
Renee conducts healing sessions by appointment either in person or by distance.

Renee works with adults, teens, and children
She often works with psychic kids to assist them in understanding their gifts, dealing with their sensitivity, and with how to utilize their gifts in a positive fashion - connecting with their higher selves and the angels as well.
* Children must be accompanied by an adult, and teens must have parental permission.

Current Rates
For an appointment by phone or in Renee's office:
**Heads up! Rates change March 1st, 2019
25 min session ~ $100 (choose one of the types of healing above)
   $110 starting March 1, 2019
55 min session ~ $200 (full session, or a combination of healing, such as reiki + chakra clearing)
   $220 starting March 1, 2019
Note: If you cannot make your scheduled session, you must cancel within 24-hours of your appointment time. See our cancellation policy here.

Disclaimer: Reiki and angelic healing (energy and light healing) are not a replacement for traditional medical treatments. They may be used as an addition to traditional medical treatments and counseling. They are not intended for nor as medical treatment or diagnosis. You should always see your doctor for any questions you may have regarding your own health.
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