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"Freeing The Artist Within" Series
Healing With The Angels Series
The Northwest Psychic Institute
4000 SE International Way, Ste F201
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Freeing the Artist Within Series

Calling all artists, writers, singers, actors, dancers, and entertainers!

Feeling the restlessness, the calling to begin, and are afraid or uncertain?

Wanting to carry your work to the next level, or to be free enough to step into the full expression of your true artist self?

Wanting to create and are feeling blocked, keep getting distracted or derailed?

Keep getting nudges from the Universe, have ideas or know what you want to do, but something is getting in the way?

Wanting to express yourself in the world in a bigger way?

Do you have an inner artist, writer or entertainer needing attention and expression?

Whether you have current inspiration or not, we’re hearing your request for help and are here to support you.

The Divine is offering you an invitation to create, to share, to express, to move, to inspire, to touch the lives of others… will you answer?

Join Renee and the spirit world in this mentoring and spiritual development series to Free the Inner Artist Within.

In this special series, we will share a variety of spiritual and self-help techniques, hypnosis, NLP techniques, healing exercises and insightful information and processes to help you:
    •  Get to know your inner artist
    •  Understand how the Divine inspires and guides us
    •  Learn channeling techniques for connecting with and receiving inspiration from the Divine
    •  Create a safe and sacred space for creation and expression
    •  Meet your muses and Divine/Heavenly support team
    •  Assist in healing the wounded artist and inner child
    •  Learn about the purpose of the inner critic and how to address it
    •  Understand and address blocks standing in your way
    •  Be able to create and cultivate the flow of creation and pure expression as an artist
    •  Align with, empower and be your true and authentic self – the artist.

Renee will also be sharing channeled messages for students from Spirit (or answering your questions) throughout the training.

Students will also receive links to download audio copies of the class, as well as a list of bonus classes to support and continue the work. And, they will be eligible for future mentoring work with Renee.

Students of all levels welcome.

When: 4 Thursdays, January 17th through February 7th, 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Renee's Milwaukie office OR online via video conferencing
(We use Zoom for video attendance – which is super easy to use and feels like you’re right in the class space)
Just let us know if you’d prefer video attendance, so we can arrange it ahead of time and show you how.
Cost: $120/person; $100/person if pre-registered & pre-paid by 1/14.

*Space is limited, no drop-ins please.

To pre-register or for more info, please contact Renee at
503-768-4000 or E-mail

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