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Renee's TV & Radio Appearances
Halloween Spirits
Halloween Spirits October 30, 2013
AM Northwest KATU Ch 2
Psychic Renee
Psychic Renee - KATU AM Northwest Psychic Show April 19, 2012
AM Northwest KATU Ch 2
Psychic Medium Renee
Psychic Medium Renee - KATU AM Northwest Psychic Show December 27, 2012
AM Northwest KATU Ch 2
Spirits Among Us
Spirits Among Us - KATU AM Northwest Psychic Show October 25, 2012
AM Northwest KATU Ch 2
Ghosts Among Us
Ghosts Among Us News Appearance Halloween 2011 October 27, 2011
AM Northwest KATU Ch 2
Client Recommendation Letter Sent to KUPL Radio:
Good Morning Lee,
When I heard that you were going to have Renee on KUPL this morning I decided that I needed to contact you and say "Thank You".  Our family suffered a tragedy last year when my youngest son was killed in a traffic accident.  I can say without hesitation that the single best decision I've made in this past year was to contact Renee (Thanks to hearing her on KUPL). If your listeners can know one thing, it is that she is one of the most genuine people I've met. Through her gift, she has helped me find some peace in what continues to be a difficult time. So I would encourage anyone that has any hesitation at all about contacting her that from my experience, she is truly gifted and compassionate. Thank you again.
~Teri S.

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