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About Renee

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Renee Terrill (formerly Renee Madsen) is a noted and highly sought after spiritual psychic medium, teacher, healer (Reiki Master), certified clinical hypnotist (CHt), certified Instructor of Hypnosis (CI), and certified NLP Practitioner.

Renee has been offering intuitive readings and psychic medium sessions in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years. She holds office sessions in Portland and Milwaukie, OR, and also over the phone for clients all over the world.

Renee Terrill has appeared on many TV shows including AM Northwest, and has been heard on the popular radio stations Z100, KUPL and KEX.  She currently works with clients to connect with lost loved ones, create the life they want to live, find their path and purpose in life, and to open their own gifts.
AM Northwest: Past lives, predictions, mediumship, & more!
Channel 2 News: Special segment about how to choose a good psychic
Channel 12 News: Millennium predictions, putting psychics to the test, missing persons case
KUPL 98.7 FM: Paranormal, connecting/reuniting lost loved ones, life questions
Z100 (KKRZ 100.3 FM): Paranormal, connecting/reuniting lost loved ones, life questions
1190 KEX and KPAM with Mark & Dave: Paranormal and connecting/reuniting lost loved ones
*Voted Most Popular Guest of the Year 2005
105.1 FM "The Buzz" - "Your Time with Kim Iverson": Life questions
Benson Hotel: Paranormal, life questions, predictions
Fox 49 and Skamania Lodge: Life questions

Renee can help you:
    ~ Connect/reunite with lost loved ones.
    ~ Communicate with your spirit guides and angels.
    ~ Assist you in releasing stress and negativity,
       as well as healing through guided visualization & energy work.
    ~ Assist you with questions regarding your past, present and future.
    ~ Answer questions about the paranormal, investigations of hauntings,
       and cleansing and clearing of spaces.
    ~ Spiritual teaching and mentoring for your own life, gifts, purpose
       and spirituality
    ~ Help you figure out and better develop your own intuitive gifts,
       as well as give you exercises and tools to work on your own
       growth and development.
    ~ Hypnosis for past lives, healing trauma, weight reduction,
       quit smoking, anxiety, pain, self esteem issues, habits
       addictions, setting/achieving goals, and more!

Renee works with adults, teens, and children:
She often works with psychic kids to assist them in understanding their gifts, dealing with their sensitivity, and with how to utilize their gifts in a positive fashion - connecting with their higher selves and the angels as well.
* Children must be accompanied by an adult, and teens must have parental permission.
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